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Below are our Group Sessions:

-CORE Strength is an intelligent workout that brings toning, strength, stability and power to your core. During the sessions we will be performing timed exercises, mixing upper body, lower body, abs and back exercises.

-Functional Training: Functional fitness exercises train your muscles to work together and prepare them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work or in sports. While using various muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time, functional fitness exercises also emphasize core stability.

-HIIT Workout is a total body, heart pumping, aerobic and strength conditioning workout. This interval-based class combines full-body strength training with high intensity cardio bursts designed to tone your body, improve your endurance and clear your mind before the busy days get started.

-Mobility Training: this session focus on mobility, flexibility, stability ending the session with foam rolling exercises that will reset your body for the week. 

-PUNCH:  is a session that will work on your leg and shoulder conditioning and skills while getting an amazing core strength workout and learning the basic punches of boxing.

-Strength Training is the ultimate strength workout for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit. We mainly use barbell, kettlebells and dumbbells during our sessions.

-TRX Functional : TRX suspension trainer is the original, best-in-class workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. You're in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise - because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance. In this session we also use KB, dumbbells and Medicine Balls. This sessions is great for all levels since the load and range can be adjusted for each client.

-TribeFIT™ is a high intensity, functional fitness workout designed to make you fitter, faster and strong.  The coaches vary the exercises and format of every workout so no two sessions are the same.

-TribeLIFE™ will make you functionally fit for what ever challenge life throws at you. It combines low impact aerobic movements with functional strength exercises as well as core and flexibility exercises that will give you renewed energy to take on more of what life has to offer.

-Zumba is a fun, high-intensity cardiovascular workout involving a mixture of traditional Latin dance, such as salsa and mambo.

If it is you first time, please make sure to come 10 minutes before the session and don't forget to bring your own mat and a face mask. And do not worry, we will make sure you are safe - your spot will be set up for you to ensure that you have enough distance between you and your workout neighbor! 

Here are your price options:

Drop in: $31

10 pack: $207,

20 pack: $372,

30 Days Unlimited: $310,

If you would prefer to pay by cash or check in the studio, a 3.5% discount will be applied to your purchase!